Common Questions

What scientific programs do you offer for children?

We offer a wide variety of scientific programs including: After-School Programs, Camps, In-Class Workshops, Celebrations & Parties, Special Events and Awareness Campaigns. Each of these programs can be administered with a corresponding Theme, including: Science, Environment, Technology & Engineering, Robotics, and Health & Nutrition.

What ages are your programs appropriate for?

We offer programs tailored specifically to children from ages 4 to 16.

What will my child learn through your programs and camps?

The specific curriculum depends on both the type of Nutty Scientists Program they enroll in and the Theme of that particular program. However, our goal with every program is to change the way children perceive science and scientific concepts. Nutty Scientists® methodology is all about a hands-on approach, encouraging participation and engaging children as they’re being educated. Not only do children develop a love for science, they develop critical self-esteem at a young age.

How do I enroll my child in a program?

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Are you affiliated with my child’s school?

We are not affiliated with any schools or school systems, however, our in-class programs have been approved by the host school. And all of our curriculum is designed to be complementary to the scientific concepts your child is already learning in school.

Common Questions

What kind of professional experience should I have?

Your previous professional experience is only part of what makes for a great Nutty Scientists franchisee. You certainly do not need a background in science because we will teach you and your instructors everything you need to know. It’s much more important for you to have a strong sales and marketing background and the ability to grow a thriving business.

As far as the other characteristics we’re looking for…those include a passion for working with children and a desire to make a true difference in your community. That said, you must live in the market you wish to operate. Read more about whether you would be a good fit for a Nutty Scientists franchise.

Are multi-unit franchise agreements available?

Yes, multi-unit franchise agreements are available in certain markets for qualified franchise candidates. We also have International Master Franchise Opportunities available. Contact us at the corporate office to learn more about both multi-unit and Master Franchisee opportunities.

What kind of ongoing support does Nutty Scientists provide its franchisees?

Nutty Scientists has been supporting franchisees in running their businesses since 1996. In that time we have refined our ongoing and operational support. Elements of our ongoing franchise support include your own personal location “microsite,” access to marketing materials on our intranet, ongoing R&D with regularly updated experiments and programming, access to the corporate office and professional staff, open communication with fellow franchisees and more. Read more about our initial and ongoing franchise support.

Do you offer exclusive territories for franchisees?

We do offer exclusive franchise territories to our franchisees. A territory takes into consideration the population of the market and the number of schools that can be impacted. To learn about the exclusive markets in your desired area, contact us.

I’m ready to get started. What do I do next?

Excellent! The next steps are simple. Essentially, we’ll engage in a mutual discovery process to learn about one another – you’ll learn about the Nutty Scientists franchise and we’ll learn about you and your qualifications – and from there we will make a mutual decision on whether or not to move forward in a franchise relationship. For more specifics and to get the process started, you can reference the six steps in our Application Process.

Investment / Earning Questions

How much money does it take to buy a Nutty Scientists franchise?

There are actually two answers to this question as Nutty Scientists offers two distinctly different franchise models. Our Home-Based Franchise Opportunity gives franchisees the chance to start small with a lower investment level. No physical location is required. Franchisees will have the ability to deliver our proprietary science programs, workshops, camps and shows inside classrooms and at various other community locations. The estimated initial investment range for the Home-Base Franchise Opportunity is $50,700 - $62,100.

The other franchise model is the Nutty Scientists Lab. This physical location is an enrichment and creativity center and gives franchisees the ability to provide all of the services of a home-based opportunity as well as a place to call their own. The location will become a community hub where children of all ages can come to learn scientific concepts in a playful, fun, yet structured atmosphere. The estimated initial investment range for the Nutty Scientists Lab is $139,050 - $275,100.

Where can I find a breakdown of costs and fees?

You can find a detailed breakdown of all franchise costs and fees for both of our franchise opportunities – Home-Based Model and Nutty Scientists Lab physical location – on our Investments & Markets page.